Vagiwell vaginal dilator set for women suffering from pelvic pain due to childbirth, cancer treatment, vaginal scarring, gender reassignment surgery, etc. Each set comes with a purple travel pouch and bottle of lubricant.
Vagiwell vaginal dilator size chart. Dilators are used for a number of conditions that cause the vagina to be too tight like radiotherapy, vaginismus, and scarring from childbirth.
Vagiwell silicone dilator set for vaginismus with water based lubricant. The set of vaginal dilators is standing beside it's orange packaging.
Vagiwell Vaginal Dilator Set
Vagiwell Vaginal Dilator Set

Vagiwell Vaginal Dilator Set

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Vagiwell are sets of vaginal dilators made from a flexible, satin smooth silicone making them comfortable and a pleasure to use for your personal dilation exercises. They feature a bendable shaft and a cupped, ergonomic base so they're easy to hold and insert. Each Vagiwell dilator is made from 100% medical grade silicone. They are suitable for both clinical and home use.

Here are some of the many situations that can cause the vagina to tighten resulting in pain or discomfort:

  • Long-term radiotherapy or chemotherapy cancer treatment
  • After having given birth, scarring following surgical cuts to the perineum (episiotomy) or perineal tears
  • Conditions like Vaginismus (tightening of the vaginal muscles) or Endometriosis
  • Scarring caused by surgery
  • Narrowness of the vagina or unstretched vaginal walls
  • Lichen sclerosus
  • Following gender reassignment surgery (male to female) and keeping the artificially constructed vagina “open”

Each set of Vagiwell dilators comes with storage pouch and a 50ml bottle of water based lubricant. However if you are using your dilators often, Body Grá recommend purchasing another bottle of one of our organic lubricants like Yes Water Based, Yes Oil Based, or Sliquid Organics Natural Gel.

Size 1 (Light Blue): Diameter - 12-14mm / Length - 122mm

Size 2 (Mint): Diameter - 16-18mm / Length - 135mm

Size 3 (Purple): Diameter - 20-22mm / Length - 150mm

Size 4 (Pink): Diameter - 24-26mm / Length - 163mm

Size 5 (Yellow): Diameter - 28-30 / Length - 177mm